Coaching for Career Change

Are you considering a new career but are not sure where to start? This package provides career coaching to help you make a successful transition and includes 4 sessions of an hour or two each including career assessment tools and homework assignments.

People change careers more times in their lifetime than they have done in the past, some by choice and others due to layoffs. Ginger recommends that you take charge of your own transition instead of instead of having a career change imposed on you. Often people ask Ginger, “What jobs are out there? I am open to a change, and will consider anything.” That sort of question is not helpful to you or to a potential employer. They want to know what you want to do and why you want to work for them specifically. Through careful selection and a plan of action, you will be more attractive to a potential employer.

You and Ginger will review your past career decisions, consider all your options, evaluate your skills, interests, values, and the current job market to help you decide which area to pursue. Some of the assessments used are the DISC profiler, the Self-Directed Search, Knowdell Career Assessments, ONET Online, LinkedIn, and more. Ginger will coach you in ways to approach people in the fields you are considering to gain information, develop a new network, establish career mentors, and prepare the way for an effective job search after you have made your decision.

You may even decide to start your own business after carefully considering all options. Ginger can help you explore that path as well. You have to find out what is right for you, something you can be excited about, and are willing to put forth the effort it takes to make it a success.

Price: $800