Interview Coaching

Are you getting interviews but no job offers? Are you perplexed when faced with behavioral interview questions? What is the best way to answer the question: “So tell me about yourself?”

Many find one-on-one interview coaching helpful to gain confidence, learn ways to improve and prepare for those unexpected questions. This package includes two in-depth mock-interview sessions. During the first session, you will discuss what went well and what didn’t in your past interviews, develop genuine, heartfelt answers to common interview questions and those pertinent to your specific career field (and often to a specific company), and learn how to turn an “inquisition” into a “conversation.” Mock interviews can be videotaped upon request with feedback provided. The second session will refine the skills learned during the first session.

Topics discussed may include: phone screening interviews, Skype interviews, panel interviews, behavioral interviews, informational interviews, hiring manager interviews, and follow-up after an interview.

Price: $600