Overwhelmed by emails? Practical strategies to help you get organized during your job search.

How many emails do you get in a day? Tens? Hundreds? More? If you are like many of us, every day you are bombarded by mounds of emails, many which are totally junk. Have you gotten emails like this?

  • Gifts under $10 plus FREE shipping!       
  • Claim your birthday gift from ABC Company. 
  • Prop 100: Be informed!

You delete one email after another, and if you miss a day, an important email may have gotten buried under the junk and could get deleted by accident.

If you are in a job search, missing an important email could be missing out on an opportunity.

The solution—it’s easier than you think. Create a new email exclusively for job search activities. Make it simple for an employer to remember, perhaps your name such as ginger.korljan@gmail.com. (No this is not my email address, so don’t try it to send me anything!). Save this email address for your résumé, for online job applications, when joining professional groups, or if posting a résumé to a job board. Check that email address once a day, making sure you that you reserve it exclusively for job search and professional industry activities.

Another tool to help you remember where you have sent résumés and when is at www.JibberJobber.com. Not only can you track your job search activities, but you can also store exact copies of each résumé and cover letter you tweak for each employer. Created by @Jason Alba, JibberJobber is a spreadsheet tailored to the needs of the job seeker. The best news is that the basic version of JibberJobber is entirely free.

As for the other emails you have to wade through every day, consider unsubscribing from most of them. Do you really need to know the latest sale from some retailer or that a friend has updated his Facebook page?

Take control of your email, and you will have time for more important things in your life!

One Response to “ Overwhelmed by emails? Practical strategies to help you get organized during your job search. ”

    Krista Schmitt

    November 29, 2011

    Hi Ginger,
    Since I liked your resumes so well when I saw them a few years ago at the work fair in Phoenix, and since our chance to have you do one for me was interrupted by your necessary move, I will be emailing you soon to talk to you about updating my resume. Right now I am working much more than full-time (55-hours per week, actually) with Amazon, Inc., but I do think that it is always helpful to have my resume updated and complete. An updated resume, especially one of yours, would be great to have, especially since I plan to submit my resume for an Amazon advanced position.
    Thanks very much for showing me each of the beautiful example resumes which I saw when I met you at the workshop in Phoenix. Looking forward to talking with you soon–as soon as I can fit any time into this 55-hour second job schedule that I am trying to maintain right now! Talk to you soon.
    Best wishes, Krista Schmitt
    Azure Valley Investments, Inc.


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