How to get a job? Think from an employer’s perspective!

A small business owner recently told me about an opening she was trying to fill. She posted the position on Craigslist and received 60 to 70 resumes. After weaning down the list, she interviewed five people but none of them seemed to click. Then she heard from the following applicant. Even though she admitted, “Usually I don’t read cover letters,” this one captured her attention.

Here’s an excerpt from that letter: “Please do not discount my résumé because I am overqualified. I am NOT looking for a supervisory or management position. I want to get back to the basic grunt work of payables, researching invoices, matching them to purchase orders, and preparing the check run. If you hire me you will get experience, maturity, dependability, and a team player with no personal drama ready to hit the ground running.”

The employer heard all that she needed to hear. This person pointed out exactly how she could meet the employer’s needs with enthusiasm. Needless to say, the employer called her immediately, interviewed her, and hired her on the spot. Her new employee even offered to come in and work a few hours for FREE before her official start date just to convince the employer of her skills and determination. The employer was delighted and couldn’t wait to share the news with me.

What are you doing to capture the interest of your next employer? Find out exactly what they are looking for, and let them know how you can fulfill their needs.

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